Thursday, December 20, 2007

The wait has ended..

I'm gonna give another title for this post. Its called,

Final Nail on the Coffin

Well, I was so happy about joining IBM that I bought myself a nice 2008 Planner to keep at my desk. Mom gave me nice Ganesh idol to keep at desk too. So in a very happy mood, I planned(my dad planned actually) a 7 day Kerala trip (will write a separate blog for the trip). Thought will enjoy the break and get to work. Well the break was awesome, it’s what came after that, was amazing.

I came back home and was checking my mail.(Hoping for a mail from them) And guess what there was a mail!!! I quickly skipped all the other mails and “In Anticipation” opened my most awaited mail of the millennium. And Lo Behold!!! It said, “We are glad to welcome you to IBM. To arrange for a better training for you we have changed your joining date to 1st July 2008!! There will be “NO” change in the date and the venue remains the same – Bangalore. Hoping to see you soon.

“Soon”? That was really soon. My hopes, dreams, aspirations and every other thing that I had my heart on was shattered into a billion to the power of infinity pieces.

Now I’m left with no job, no future, no life!!! Sad!! Life plays a very funny game with us. (with me actually) Well this was the Final Nail on the Coffin. (why coffin you might ask – that’s bcoz I’m as good as dead)

Ok ok I’ll stop the senti. I’m not the one to become all senti senti type but can’t really help it. Well that’s life!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My initial days of waiting and the history-Part 2

Ok by now its my 12th day of sitting at home. Meanwhile i got myself a nice dress (diwali shopping) So was a little happy about that!!!

Ok then back to the history. Where was i?? Yea I had to send a mail to them. So thats exacty what I did, and a lengthy one at that. Then I wait, and wait and wait. Nothing happens. No reply. This was a "deja vu". Wikipedia describes "deja vu" as, French for "already seen". It is the experience of feeling sure that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously. I hope you must now know what I must be feeling. (Hated that feeling)

So what I do next? I call them up. Speak to the same guy and he says it has to be 28th Dec. I then ask them what proof can they give me that they will call me in Dec and they have absolutely no answer to that. So now my dad dearest also gets worried. He says go to their office and speak to him directly and get it confirmed. Now I had serious doubts whether he would agree to meet me. I call him up and ask him what time will he be free so I can meet him. And guess what he says? Actually I'm hardly ever at office. (He doesn't wanna meet me!! that .......) So I use another tactic. I tell him, you tell me the time you're there at ofice and I will come at that time. Just need to speak to you for 10 min max. He tried to avoid that question by saying,"You can always mail me (which he never replies) and you can always call me (which he never picks up, bcoz by now he recognizes my number through his caller id). I don't leave him so he finally says ok I will call you back and let you know. (I had just scored a goal)

So I wait (as usual) for another two days, but there was no call. And again like predicted he didn't pick my calls. (I was getting charged for every call, bcoz it reaches a stupid automatic answering machine which says, "the mailbox for person you're trying to reach is currently unavailable!!!) It was extremely frustrating. Fianlly i decided to go there myself(mostly after a lot of cajoling from my dad) This office is somewhere before Hebbal. For those who dunno where Hebbal is, trust me its too too too far. It felt like I was driving to another city altogether. Finally I get there,park my bike and get to the reception. My next hurdle, from there I was unable to reach him. He was again not picking my calls. I asked the receptionist if I could speak to anybody from the HR, my frustration showing on my face. I dunno if she felt pity on me or just wanted to get rid of me (since I wouldn't move from her desk) she finally made me speak to a woman from HR. I again narrated my story, and she said she won't be able to help. Now I was so desperate and so angered at their behaviour! I almost screamed (almost, i kept myself in check) and asked her as politely as I could if she could give me a number so that I can speak to the concerned person. This she said she can. The receptionist smiled at me seeing the relief on my face. (it really showed i guess bcoz she had no idea what i was going through) I took down some numbers and finally gave the first number a call. My wonderful luck, nobody picked it up. So i tried the second number. Again a lady picked it up and I repeated my story. She said she wasn't the person i'm was supposed to be talking to.(i think at this point of time i could've strangled anyone who was in front of me, and thankfully nobody was) So i calmed myself and told her the name of the person I was communicating to for so long. She said "Oh him!! Hang on I'll connect you to him." And I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Finally I get to talk to the "one person" who i've been wanting to meet. So the phone rings and rings and rings!!! (I think i was getting used to it by now)

Suddenly I heard the most loveliest word(at least at the moment I felt so). That guy picked up the phone and said "Hello". I couldn't believe it. I asked him for a few minutes of his time. I was finally gonna meet the person behind all my woes in life. (not exactly all but the cause of most of my headaches) He finally came and said yea tell me. He was not very old, probably 27 or 28. And he was acting like the entire selection was on his stupid almost bald head. Well he apologized profously and said he was the person who was gonna send the offer letter so he will do it. No he didn't give me anything in writing but somehow convinced me that thay will send me the offer letter by dec. Just before leaving he said, "Don't worry. You'll be on board by the year end. And I'll see you on the first day!!" Was I convinced?? Hell yes!!! I almost had tears in my eyes. Just so that I will be more convinced, he said "you can send me a mail regarding this and I will reply to confirm."

I was ecstatic. As soon as I got home I sent him a mail, which he very promptly replied like he told me the following day. (Ok so now I was convinced enough to breathe easily)So that was the remaining part of the IBM saga. One thing though. I did try a lot to postpone my leaving the present company (my ex-company that is) but they wouldn't relent. (That is a different story which I'll write maybe another time) So I said what the hell. Finally i end this sad but true story with what my dad said. (and is still saying)This is a tamil saying. So I'm gonna write it the way its told in tamil. For all non-tamil readers, don't worry I'll translate it in english!! "Arasan ne nambi, purushan ne vitteain". Which exactly translates to "Believeing the king, I left my husband".

Saturday, October 27, 2007

My initial days of waiting and the history-Part 1

This is the fourth day at home, away from work!!! In anticipation of the future??? Well sure looks like it.

Future??? What does it really mean to me? I have left a pretty well paying job for a future of complete uncertainity. Not that I was particularly happy in my current job... (who is?? very few people in the world are happy about the work they do!! i believe that. ) but well i had gotten so used to it, the familiar surroundings, the familiar looking faces in the 5th floor of my office (including the cleaning and pantry staff I must say) that i actually didn't feel like leaving.

So why did I leave? Now thats the biggest question (question mark rather) in my life. I have been offered a job by none other than the I of the B of the M!! Confused?? I meant IBM!!! Hold on though. The reality is that, they have been calling me from last year and everytime I ask them I need some joining time, they disappear. Wierd? But true.

Then out of the blue, something like the Ripley's Believe It or Not, I suddenly got a call from them asking me to join. But this time I was careful and and said that unless they send me the offer letter, I won't believe them. And send they did!!!! They actually sent me an offer letter but again it was too early to join since I didn't have enough time to give one month's notice to my company. (ex-company now ) So as usual I sent a series of mails and made a number of phone calls to their office and finally made them agree to give me more time. And I threw in my papers!! (now this clearly shows that the grass is always greener on the other side)

I was on cloud seventeen! (why seventeen? well simply bcoz it was more than 9 :) ) Seriously, that was the way I felt. I was soooooooooooo happy. Couldn't stop smiling. I started taking long tea breaks at work, of course I did all the work assigned to me but it started feeling like a burden. But life seemed great at that moment.

Then the unthinkable happened. On one evening, (i think it was a thu or a fri) I got a phone call. It was THEM!! To repeat their exact words and I quote "I just wanted to inform you that we're changing your joining date." And I exactly replied which I quote again, (hey i don't need to quote my own words right??) "Excuse me! Could you please repeat that? " I couldn't believe what I had just heard. So well he said it again and I still couldn't believe it. Before he could slam down the phone I quickly asked to what date are they gonna change? Postpone it or advance it? 'HE' (the guy who spoke) said he'll get back to me. Now I have to mention that I hate the sentence "We'll get back to you". All the people who have done a lot of climbing up and down company steps (by company i mean all S/W companies) will recognize this sentence. "We'll get back to you"!! Most of the time you can assume that they wont. And they actually don't. So now I was in a humongous mess. More like a quick sand. My world felt like it was torn away from me. I realised that now i'm gonna be "unemployed". (for someone who joined her first job even before she could complete her final semester exams, this was unbearable)

I was devastated!! Now all I could do was wait, wait and only wait. (I hate waiting!! for anything)
Then after exactly two painful days I again get a call from "THEM". I hear a new voice this time that says "We have postponed your joining date to 28th Dec". I was in a fix now. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry or scream. (although scream might've been my first choice if it was to someone else) They needed an answer immediately and I didn't know what to say. So many questions were running through my mind that if someone had taken a voltage reading(or was it current) at that time i'm positively sure that it was more than enough to run my Panasonic 26" TV at home. So I told them, I'll call them back in a while for which he said don't worry (yea right!!) I'll call you back in say 15 minutes? I said that would be great!! (not feeling so great at that moment though) So I spoke to my dad (who was with me at that moment to my greatest relief) and he said speak to them sternly and thats exactly what I did.

"HE" called back and I pored out all my woes, accusing them of cheating me and making me "unemployed". After listening to me without uttering a single word, "he" said "Ok madam. All that you told me just now, please send me a mail and I'll speak to my manager and get back to you (again!!) on that!! All I could say was, OK.

End of part 1.... To be continued...